Why are we doing this

Our food system seems to have unleashed a war on nature and we have lost the connection between food, farming and our health. As a result food and farming are one of the largest drivers of climate change. Food production is said to be responsible for over a quarter of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and the global food system the primary driver of biodiversity loss.

Food is travelling hundreds or thousands of miles before it reaches us and often back and forth to be processed.

Ultra-processed foods now make up around 55% of what we Britons eat and studies are now beginning to show the damage this kind of food is doing to us. Rates of heart disease, cancers and diabetes are rocketing, 1 million people are suffering with dementia in the UK, 2/3rds of the adult population are overweight and 1 in 3 primary school leavers are obese. Food allergies have also doubled in the last 60 years, Covid has shown us the need to improve our immune systems and we can do this by eating more vegetables and ensuring there is more diversity of plants in our diet.

Food is cheap and convenient, but the true cost is hidden, the cost to the environment and to our health as well as the cost to the NHS, currently £47 billion per year on obesity.

And then there is the issue of packaging: single use plastics are not only clogging our oceans to be ingested by birds, fish and mammals but also packaging leaches chemicals onto our food.

Our soils are being eroded and the vegetables that we are eating are not as rich in nutrients as they were 60 years ago.

We have got ourselves into a mess, but we can change things. By buying from us you can be part of the solution to some of these problems.

If, like us, you have become disenchanted with what is available then we hope you will join us on this journey into changing the way we buy and consume our food.